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 Understanding the Anti-Price Gouging Law Webinar - On-Demand

If you follow the news, you probably notice that California appears to be in a constant state of emergency. Whether due to fires, severe storms, earthquakes, or pandemics, both the Governor and local officials have declared countless states of emergency over the last several years. Those emergency declarations trigger a provision of the state’s penal code, called the state’s anti-price gouging law, which limits how much rental housing providers can increase rent. And those limitations apply not only to your existing tenants but also to new tenants even in units that are new to the rental market. A violation of this law is a misdemeanor and subject to significant penalties.


Heidi Palutke, Education, Policy and Compliance Counsel, California Apartment Association
Stephanie Shirkey, Senior Policy and Compliance Counsel, California Apartment Association

Qualifies for 1 unit CCRM Continuing Education Credit


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