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California law provides significant protections to residents of rental property who are victims of domestic violence or other violent crimes. The legislature has determined that victims of domestic violence should not lose their housing solely because of abuse or calling for assistance from law enforcement. However, the law also recognizes that in some cases it may be best for the victim to relocate – and to be released from the financial obligations of a lease. These protections were recently extended to victims of violent crime (not just domestic violence) and to residents who need to move because their family member who lives elsewhere was the victim of a violent crime or domestic violence. The protections were further expanded as of January 1, 2023, to protect victims of domestic violence who previously shared tenancy with the perpetrator and those who previously lost protection because the perpetrator returned to the property without the victim’s consent or for child custody exchanges. This webinar will help landlords understand domestic violence, provide an overview of legal protections and provide practical guidance for landlords whose residents approach them for help.

The webinar will include a discussion of:
• Facts about Domestic Violence
• Domestic Violence and Rental Housing: General Background
• Landlord Do’s and Don’ts
• California Tenant Protection Laws
• Landlord Rights & Responsibilities
• Optional CAA Forms
• Domestic Violence Hotlines and Website

Monica Deka, Compliance and Legislative Counsel, California Apartment Association
Rachelle Currie, Associate Director at Haven Women's Center
Nishara Gunasekara, Housing and Gender Justice Advocate, Family Violence Law Center 

On-Demand Cost: $49 Member or $89 Non-Member

Qualifies for 1 Unit of CCRM Continuing Education Credit for current CCRM Certified Individuals.
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